Girls Dresses with Orange Colors

We carry beautiful little girls dresses in orange colors or with orange print and embellishments,  it is a beautiful color used on flower girls dresses, pageants and summer and spring.  We also offer orange twin outfits for fall and winter perfect for Halloween and Thanksgiving, with embroidered fall leaves, turkeys, pumpkins, indian and pilgrims and some ghouls for trick or treat day!!

Adorable Girls Autumn Hat--Carousel Wear - 1

Adorable Girls Autumn Hat

On Sale $ 18.97 Regular price $ 25.00

Boys Smocked Lily and Herman Munster Halloween Shortall--Carousel Wear - 1 Frankenstein, wife and bats Halloween embroidery design

Boys Smocked Lily and Herman Monster Halloween Shortall

On Sale From $ 38.00 Regular price $ 52.99

Smocked Sea Creatures Girls Bishop Dress

Coralia Smocked Sea Creatures Girls Summer Bishop Dress

On Sale From $ 42.99 Regular price $ 62.99

Hot Pink Riley Girls Summer Dress with Beaded Straps--Carousel Wear

Hot Pink Riley Girls Summer Dress with Beaded Straps

On Sale From $ 24.00 Regular price $ 56.00

Jack-O-Lantern Baby Girls Green Halloween Dress--Carousel Wear - 2

Jack-O-Lantern Baby Girls Halloween A Line Appliqué Dress

On Sale From $ 32.97 Regular price $ 62.99

Adorable Fun Green Fall Halloween Holiday Smocked and Embroidered Bishop Dress for Girls - Pumpkin Jack o Lantern Embroidery Design

Jack-O-Lantern Smocked Bishop Halloween Girls Dress

On Sale $ 35.00 Regular price $ 60.00

Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin Fall and Thanksgiving Boys Smocked Longall--Carousel Wear - 1

Smocked Boys Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Longall Fall Outfit

On Sale From $ 36.97 Regular price $ 58.97

Hand smocked Jack-o-Lantern Boys Halloween Shortall Pumpkin

Smocked Boys Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Shortall - 9m

On Sale $ 42.00 Regular price $ 56.99