Girls Heirloom Dress and Clothing

Fine girls heirloom dresses vintage style featuring hand smocking, hand embroidery, fagoting, made with fine cottons and pure silks and laces.  We offer white dresses for first communions, christening and baptism gowns, portrait children clothing, Flower Girls Dresses for every season, heirloom pageant dresses, newborn clothing, boys and girls take home outfits & special occasion smocked dresses and special seasonal celebrations.

Adabelle Elegant Flower Girls Silk Dress with Pleated Skirt--Carousel Wear - 1

Smocked Flower Girls Silk and Organza Dress

On Sale From $ 88.97 Regular price $ 153.97

Beautiful Elegant Aqua Turquoise Blue Holiday Silk Heirloom Smocked and Embroidered with Lace Sleeveless Dress for Girl - Flower Girl Dress

Heirloom Girls Silk Smocked Dress in Turquoise and Lace

On Sale $ 138.99 Regular price $ 145.97

Flower Girls Hand Smocked Silk Dress Yellow Dupioni

Yellow Silk Dupioni Princess Belle Smocked Flower Girls Dress

On Sale From $ 128.97 Regular price $ 154.99

Beautiful Classic Emerald Green Silk Christmas Spring Holiday Smocked and Embroidered Peter Pan Collar Dress for Girls - Flower Girl Photoshoot Occasion

Emerald Green Girls Silk Formal Smocked Dress Size 6 Yrs.

On Sale From $ 125.99 Regular price $ 145.97

Beautiful Lavender Purple Flower Girl Wedding Special Occasion Silk Dress for Girls

Heirloom Lavender Silk Smocked Dress for Girls Size 7

On Sale $ 147.00 Regular price $ 149.00

Lace Christening Gown with Bonnet for Baby Girls

Infant Girl's Lace-Trimmed Christening gown & Bonnet

On Sale $ 175.97 Regular price $ 191.97

Silk Baby Girls Christening Gown with Bonnet--Carousel Wear - 1

Silk Baby Girls Christening Heirloom Gown with Bonnet

On Sale $ 114.97 Regular price $ 189.97

Flower Girls Silk Dresses with Smocking

Smocked Girls Silk Dress for Special Occasions

On Sale From $ 122.97 Regular price $ 143.97

Adorable Pink Silk Spring Easter Summer Princess Smocked and Embroidered Peter Pan Collar Dress for Girls

Baby Girls Pink Silk Dresses with Hand Smocking Infant

On Sale $ 92.99 Regular price $ 124.99

Boys Buttons on Shorts Christening Suit in Silk--Carousel Wear - 1

Boys Buttons on Shorts Christening Suit in Silk

On Sale $ 85.97 Regular price $ 110.99

Baby Girls Lace Christening Gown with Pearls--Carousel Wear - 1

Baby Girls Christening Gown with Lace, Ribbons and Smocking

On Sale From $ 78.97 Regular price $ 175.97

Beautiful Elegant Light Lavender Purple Silk Plaid Smocked and Embroidered Dress for Girls with Puff Cap Sleeves and Flowers - Flower Girl Wedding Spring Easter Dress

Elegant Girls Silk Smocked Dress in Light Purple

On Sale From $ 112.97 Regular price $ 176.99

Flower Girl Silk Beige Dresses and Melon Smocking--Carousel Wear - 3

Infant Baby Girl Hand Smocked Silk Dupioni Dress

On Sale $ 76.99 Regular price $ 125.99

Baby Girls Silk Smocked Christening Gown--Carousel Wear - 1

Baby Girls Christening Gown Smocked Silk Dupioni

On Sale From $ 114.97 Regular price $ 145.97

Beautiful Classic White Smocked and Embroidered Heirloom Dress for Girls

Heirloom Smocked White Girls Dress

On Sale From $ 112.99 Regular price $ 132.00

Beautiful Classic golden yellow holiday smocked and embroidered silk Bell dress - disney bound beauty and the beast inspired flower girl

Golden Yellow Smocked Sleeveless Baby Girls Silk Dress

On Sale $ 82.00 Regular price $ 130.97

Baby Girls Green Silk Summer Smocked Dress

Apple Green Silk Hand Smocked Baby Girls Dress 3m 6m

On Sale $ 82.97 Regular price $ 129.97

Baby Girls White Heirloom Dress with Pink Ribbons and hand smocking

Baby Girls White Heirloom Smocked Dress with Pink Ribbons

On Sale $ 75.97 Regular price $ 147.99

Girl's Hershey Brown Thanksgiving Fall Coat with Silk Embroidery

Elegant Girl's Brown Coat with Silk Embroidery Size 5 & 6

On Sale $ 93.99 Regular price $ 124.99

Beautiful Elegant Red Silk Christmas Winter Holiday Smocked and Embroidered Dress for Girls

Baby Girls Red Silk Christmas Hand Smocked Dress

On Sale From $ 65.97 Regular price $ 122.97