Heirloom Christening Gowns and Baptism Dresses

Our heirloom Christening Gowns and dresses, infant baptismal clothing for girls and boys, are made of fine silk and white cotton; delicately hand-embroidered for the special holy occasion. 

Carouselwear online boutique offers very exquisite and stunning hand-smocked heirloom christening and baptism dresses for your little princesses. We have high-quality, beautiful gowns with lace embroidery, ribbon, and other embellishments; made of delicate, soft fabrics suitable for your little princesses.  

In our collection, you will discover perfect, affordable, and of course, unique christening and baptism dresses of all sizes and ages that can pass down from one generation to another.

Visit us today on our user-friendly and secure website and choose what pleases you from our different collections of heirloom christening dresses and baptism gowns, with immediate shipping regardless of your location and time. We guarantee fast and easy delivery of all orders made through our online store.

Perfect for infant Christening or Baptism ceremonies, most trimmed with tucks, lace, whitework embroidery.

Classic White Collar Smocked Baptism Outfit with Light BLue Embroidery for Baby Boys

Baby Boy Elegant Hand Smocked White Baptism Outfit

On Sale $ 56.97 Regular price $ 62.99

Lace Christening Gown with Bonnet for Baby Girls

Infant Girl's Lace-Trimmed Christening gown & Bonnet

On Sale $ 145.97 Regular price $ 191.97

Silk Baby Girls Christening Gown with Bonnet--Carousel Wear - 1

Silk Baby Girls Christening Heirloom Gown with Bonnet 12m

On Sale $ 114.97 Regular price $ 189.97

James Boys Christening Overalls--Carousel Wear - 1

James Baby Boys Christening Overalls with Hand Smocking

On Sale $ 68.97 Regular price $ 80.97

Beautiful Classic White Smocked and Embroidered Christening Baptism Dress Gown for Baby Girls

Baby Girls Christening Baptism Smocked Dress Gown

On Sale $ 112.97 Regular price $ 186.97

Boys Buttons on Shorts Christening Suit in Silk--Carousel Wear - 1

Boys Buttons on Shorts Christening Suit in Silk

On Sale $ 85.97 Regular price $ 110.99

Baby Girls Lace Christening Gown with Pearls--Carousel Wear - 1

Baby Girls Christening Gown with Lace, Ribbons and Smocking

On Sale $ 78.97 Regular price $ 175.97

Lovely Lily White Christening Gown for Baby Girl 9m--Carousel Wear - 1

Lovely Lily White Christening Gown for Baby Girls 9m

On Sale $ 48.00 Regular price $ 110.00

Baby Girls Silk Smocked Christening Gown--Carousel Wear - 1

Baby Girls Christening Gown Smocked Silk Dupioni

On Sale From $ 114.97 Regular price $ 145.97

Heirloom Lace Christening Girls Gown--Carousel Wear - 1

Heirloom Lace Baby Girls Christening Gown

On Sale $ 146.99 Regular price $ 299.99

Little Angels Infant Girls Christening Baptism Gown and Smocked Bonnet--Carousel Wear - 1

Infant Girls Christening Baptism Gown and Smocked Bonnet 9m

On Sale $ 114.97 Regular price $ 135.00

Hand Smocked Communion Dress

Girls First Holy Communion Dress Heirloom Hand Smocked

On Sale $ 98.00 Regular price $ 138.00

Beautiful Classic White Christening Lace Smocked and Embroidered Victorian Dress for Girls

Girls Victorian Christening Lace Gown Smocked 2T/3T

On Sale $ 139.99 Regular price $ 150.00

Baby girls floral outfit with bonnet blouse and shorts pima cotton

Baby Girls Clothing Set with Bonnet and Bloomers

On Sale $ 44.00 Regular price $ 86.00