Celebrating Christmas in September with the children in Dominican Republic.

Posted by Claudia Fonseca on

Do you know that Carouselwear has a mission? We are passionate about children, and we are working towards helping in the global orphan crisis and children in hard places. We have partnered with some awesome local organizations, and now you can too through us. It is such an exciting space when we can all get together and make a difference in those most vulnerable.
  Only 98 days ‘til Christmas!!  
CarouselWear is celebrating Christmas this September in the Dominican Republic, sponsoring a children's party in Velo Alto by the Haiti border. We are sending 150 free dresses, and these children that live in poverty will be able to have fun, food, desserts, gifts, and much more. We will tell you all about it in the video below! Don't forget to click CC for English subtitles; the audio is in Spanish.

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