Our "Basket of Roses Dress"

By Claudia Fonseca
on March 23, 2015

There is something about springtime that puts the spring back in your step. Maybe it's  the smell of the flowers blooming, the trees and grass are all green again, or feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin. Springtime means that Easter will be here soon and your little bunnies have their baskets in hand ready to go hunt some eggs. Whether your little angels will be hunting for eggs or just enjoying a warm spring day,  CarouselWear has a wonderful selection of spring and summer dresses for little girls and outfits for boys, and with Easter coming so quickly we wanted to show you this little princess in our 'A Basket of Roses Dress'  it is stunning! 17593

The sleeves dress incorporates the beauty of spring with its pink roses and small purple flowers, accented by the green leaves. The neckline and sleeves are piped with a dark pink color. There is a panel of hand smocking under a dark pink pleat. Drawing all the colors in, a pink flower adorns the dress. Dangling from the flower are three strands of purple beads.  This dress is made in 100% cotton and fully lined. Comes with bloomers. This dress is a perfect dress for Easter Sunday, Mother's Day Brunch, or just any day for feeling like a princess!! Whatever your plans are for this Easter Sunday, CarouselWear would like to wish you all a very Happy Easter. We hope your day is filled with many lasting memories.

Bring me home baby!

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on February 10, 2015

Oh the joys of being a first time Mom. You want everything to be just perfect for your little angel and right at about 7 months into the pregnancy is when you start to get a little nervous about being a mother, but if you only knew how much love is going to swell your heart  when you get to meet and hold that precious little baby for the very first time do you realize that there was nothing to be nervous about.   17708 Taking your baby home for the very first time is such a special occasion for the new parents and with all the pictures that are going to be taken this outfit will make this occasion even more memorable.  Our Kristina bring me home baby outfit is made of 100% cotton, it is so luxurious and light weight, making it the perfect choice to bring home your angel for the first time and for your little Prince, CarouselWear has a bring home baby outfit Christopher available. All of us here at CarouselWear love to be part of  your family special moments. We may not see the smiles on your faces or the happy memories being made, but we know that with every outfit being shipped we are sending out a special memory in the making.  We would love to see pictures of your little angels wearing CarouselWear clothing, please send them to us to info@carouselwear.com,   so we can post them to our photo gallery. With all the love and congrats on your new baby, Tisha.

Valentines Day Dress Giveaway!!

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on January 16, 2015

When I was younger I remember every Valentines day my dad would come home with something special for my Mom, It may have been flowers, candy or maybe even a piece of jewelry. I also remember one year on Valentines Day my dad brought a Valentine home for my mother and I, a box of chocolates. It made me feel so special that my dad thought of me that year and what would be the first of many years to come from my Father. Maybe this Valentine's Day some of you dad's out there are thinking of taking your little girl on a very special Father Daughter Date, you might get all dressed up take her out to a nice restaurant and maybe a game of putt putt golf and some ice cream.  Dad, if you have a special night planned for your little princess then CarouselWear would be honored if she is all dressed up in one of our Valentines dresses.  We have a nice selection of dresses with red and white in them. Girls red dresses with polka dots, stripes and ruffles Valentines Day is fast approaching. It's that one day a year when we get to express to that special someone in our life how much we love and appreciate them, sometimes that special someone or someones are the little people in our lives, they like to feel special too. It will be a day they will never forget! We are happy to announce that CarouselWear is giving away one of these beautiful Valentines dresses,  just enter the raffle and follow the instructions.   One lucky winner will be announced on January 28th,2015.  Good luck!   a Rafflecopter giveaway

Girls matching heirloom silk dresses for triplets.

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on January 14, 2015

Gorgeous! Beautiful! Precious! This trio of dresses is so adorable, we hope you have 3 little girls because it will be hard to choose just one, lavender, pink, or green oh my!   Each color is so soft and delicate and yet so elegant whichever color of dress you choose will be a perfect choice for your Easter Sunday brunch or that springtime family photo. [caption id="attachment_436" align="aligncenter" width="526"]Girls coordinated triplets silk hand smocked dresses Girls silk hand smocked dresses[/caption] These dresses are made of silk, which comes from a very special insect called the silkworm. These worms feed off the leaves of Mulberry trees and when the worms are born they spend 40 days and 40 nights eating mulberry leaves so they can weave a cocoon of silk to protect them while turning into a moth. The silk from the cocoon will cover the distance of ½ mi. Silk is a natural fiber and in its truest form will have variations, when woven these variations can look like a defect in the material but are in no way to be viewed as such. These 3 dresses by CarouselWear are made of 100% silk.  There is smocking surrounding the neckline with 5 intricate flowers hand embroidered within the smocking. The angel wings make it light and airy for a warm spring sunny day. Your little angel or angels will surely feel so pretty in pink… or lavender… or green

Girls floral spring twirly dresses

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on January 09, 2015

As a little girl growing up in Colombia life was simple. On Sundays my family would go to church, we went to such a small church that it was like a family just behind our apartment building. After the services many of us would stay after and eat great food, the kids would play and enjoy the beautiful afternoon. I remember there was a big park at the back of the church that had a beautiful lake and a field with wild flowers year round. My cousins and I use to love to run in that field in our Sunday dresses, I would always find myself twirling while my brothers were flying kites. The air would get under the skirts of our dresses and they would get so big and puffy, we felt like ballerinas gliding across the stage in their tutus, so fun and so simple! Those memories are unforgettable they build my character and now in CarouselWear I have created a nice collection of those dresses just perfect for twirling. For all the parents out there, get your video camera ready! Your little ballerina will have the time of her life wherever she decides to twirl while wearing this beautiful dress and you won’t want to miss capturing that moment, childhood is the time to build beautiful memories. Girls floral spring dresses This girls Twirly floral white and red dress with black accents is absolutely stunning! There is smocking along the waist with a red and white zigzag pattern sewn throughout the smocking and a small ruffle at the top for that added detail. There is a removable bow in the front of the dress that can be made into a hair bow. It has a jeweled butterfly at the top of the dress where the straps come together. This dress is fully lined. It is made of extremely soft polyester. I know what your thinking… polyester Yuk! This is not even close to the same polyester our grandma’s wore. It is a fine high quality material that feels just like cotton (made by Lafayette Fabrics), and is not itchy or scratchy to the skin. Being polyester material makes this dress easy to care for which means, wait for it… No ironing yippee! They run true to size available in red or pink. Thank you very much for reading my blog and happy twirling!    Bibiana  

Welcome to the Carousel Wear Blog

By 1
on December 16, 2014

Welcome to our Children's Carousel Wear blog  

Boy's Handmade Baby Outfit.

By 1
on December 09, 2014

IMG_4456We are getting ready to launch our newest outfit Asher named after the our good friend's  little baby boy, he is so adorable.  We went to have a photo session with Asher wearing our new baby boys hand smocked overall.  Asher suffers from colic and is usually screaming his lungs out all day long but you would never know it from the pictures we took. OMG! He was so happy, smiling and playful during our session. We had so much fun getting him to smile, laugh and play and Mom was delighted seeing him so joyful. Our hearts go out to the mommies and babies who suffer from colic. This is a charming longall made of a lustrous 100% cotton, it is so soft and light weight. It is all white with a touch of light blue throughout the smocking across the chest. There are 2 buttons at the back with a few buttons along the inseam for easy diaper changing. This outfit would be the perfect choice for your baby boy's baptism, church outfit or any special occasion. We had a great time with our friend and her precious new baby boy Asher. We look forward to watching him grow looking so handsome in all his CarouselWear outfits.

HALLOWEEN, the best time of the year!!

By 1
on September 09, 2014

We love Halloween here at Carouselwear, we start counting down in July. We are prepared for all those little goblins to knock on our doors and to say those words "Trick or Treat"!!   The best part is seeing them dressed as super heroes or princesses.   We love to create around the whole Halloween theme, this year, we have our Smocked Halloween Flamingoe Witches Dress, let me tell you that this dress is just adorable, the little smocked flamingo has tons of details and they are not so scary for the little ones, and its made in pink stripped cotton. We are sure that it will be the eye catcher on trick or treat day!   1289892_564795390236289_1530415469_n We also have the Halloween hand smocked monsters from out of space dress, super cute!!   The colors of the monsters are so vibrant, and the fabric is a vivid orange so it will be easy for you to spot your child!   I also like the fact that it can be worn at school for the Halloween party!!   It will be a not so scary Halloween day!!   1371502_567975049918323_959227795_n So everybody, make sure your Halloween outing a safe one, have some flash lights, and have them wear some glow in the dark collars, reflective tape works very well too! Inspect all the candy, make sure there is no hazards or tampering before eating them, and just limit the amount!   Ask your children to hold hands, or if they are bigger, ask them to walk from house to house, not run.  I discard home made or unwrapped treats. We wish all our little customers and their families the most spooktacular Halloween. Love, CarouselWear    

Girls, Dresses, Flowers and Weddings

By 1
on April 17, 2014

A Wedding is a remarkable event. A day you will remember for the rest of your life. A day where all your closest family and friends come to witness you and your husband to be take the very first step in your journey together as husband and wife. Everyone comes together for one day to celebrate this beautiful occasion. With the thought of planning you wedding, are you a DIY kind of gal (Pinterest) or will you hire a Wedding Planner? Whatever you decide there are so many details to pay attention to and decisions to be made. Do you want a destination wedding, outdoor wedding, church ceremony, catering, how many in the wedding party, how many guests to invite, the seating chart, the center pieces, the cake, oh my gosh the cake! Last and most important "The Dress", your beautiful gown is a creation of art that makes every Bride feel like a Princess on her Wedding Day! Now lets talk about flower girl dresses! 17637 This precious little girl is wearing one of CarouselWear's beautiful silk dresses. The soft Lavender and Ivory color is sure to compliment any wedding gown or theme of lavender, as it is still a popular choice as part of a wedding palette. This beautiful dress is embellished across the neckline with a smocked organza border.  It has two gorgeous flowers and ribbons made of silk and organza, the detail of theses two flowers is so beautiful you will think your florist added a corsage to her dress. The back of the dress has a long Ivory organza sash to tie in a bow. CarouselWear would love to be a part of your wedding day whether you are a Bride looking for the perfect silk flower girl dress or a guest looking for a gorgeous dress for your little girl so she will feel as special as the Bride.  We have Formal dresses for the elegant indoor wedding or dresses to fit a beautiful but more simple outdoor wedding, CarouselWear has wide selection of dresses to choose from no matter what the ambience. We also have gorgeous outfits for your ring bearer or little gentlemen guest.

First Holy Communion

By 1
on April 04, 2014

Your little girl is going to receive her First Holy Communion. What a very special day for your daughter and how proud you must feel. This is an important tradition for Catholic families and is also recognized by Lutherans. Receiving one’s First Communion is the third biggest step of seven sacraments. One cannot receive their First Communion without having been baptized and gone to their first confession, which is usually on the same day as their First Communion. Have you ever gone to a Catholic Mass and at some point during the service you see everyone line up, drink from a cup and eat a piece of bread?   Catholics believe that they are drinking the Blood of Christ and the bread or Eucharist is the Body of Christ. They believe this because at the Last Supper, just before his death, the Lord Jesus gave the bread to the Apostles and said: “Take this and eat it this is my Body”. When he gave the wine he said “ Take this and drink from it this is the cup of my Blood”. So one who is receiving their First Holy Communion is receiving Christ into their body for the first time, what a beautiful thing to receive. CarouselWear had to do some research to find out what it means to receive your First Communion. While we found some info on Wikipedia and Ask. Yahoo, we found at the Vatican website, to not only be the most informative but also a great read on what it truly means to receive your First Communion. Today CarouselWear is featuring this gorgeous Classic Communion Dress.  It’s just one of our many dresses to choose from, and much like a bride on her wedding day, how beautiful would your little girl look and feel as she walks down the aisle in this beautiful heirloom Communion Dress. White is the color of purity, which makes this dress the perfect choice for her special day. This beautiful white First Communion Dress is made of 100% cotton with smocking across the bodice, accented with soft yet delicate hand made satin roses across the top of the smocking. The sleeves are finished with a satin border that compliments the satin bow in the center of the dress.  The bow is topped with three roses made of sheer organza ribbon. To see more of our Communion Dresses or a larger variety of apparel to choose from please visit our website at CarouselWear. 17906collage This is a traditional dress that may be handed down for generations, here are a couple of DIY tips we found to help preserve your gowns: Have it dry cleaned as soon as possible, old stains can appear later if they sit too long, even after dry cleaning. Use acid free paper and boxes to store the dress. We also read to wrap the dress in blue sheets or tissue paper because the blue color repels the light the most. We at CarouselWear would hesitate with using blue paper or sheets due to fear of the blue bleeding onto the dress. For more tips on how to preserve all your gowns and dresses we found these websites to do it your self or to purchase preservation kits. eHow, Ask, Yahoo and J.Sheer, CarouselWear would like to congratulate your little girl or boy for their accomplishment in furthering their relationship with our Lord and Savior. We look forward to you sharing your stories and precious photos of all your little ones in all of their CarouselWear attire. We also offer a handsome collection of outfits for your little Gents.

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