Bring me home baby!

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Oh the joys of being a first time Mom. You want everything to be just perfect for your little angel and right at about 7 months into the pregnancy is when you start to get a little nervous about being a mother, but if you only knew how much love is going to swell your heart  when you get to meet and hold that precious little baby for the very first time do you realize that there was nothing to be nervous about.   17708 Taking your baby home for the very first time is such a special occasion for the new parents and with all the pictures that are going to be taken this outfit will make this occasion even more memorable.  Our Kristina bring me home baby outfit is made of 100% cotton, it is so luxurious and light weight, making it the perfect choice to bring home your angel for the first time and for your little Prince, CarouselWear has a bring home baby outfit Christopher available. All of us here at CarouselWear love to be part of  your family special moments. We may not see the smiles on your faces or the happy memories being made, but we know that with every outfit being shipped we are sending out a special memory in the making.  We would love to see pictures of your little angels wearing CarouselWear clothing, please send them to us to,   so we can post them to our photo gallery. With all the love and congrats on your new baby, Tisha.

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