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As a little girl growing up in Colombia life was simple. On Sundays my family would go to church, we went to such a small church that it was like a family just behind our apartment building. After the services many of us would stay after and eat great food, the kids would play and enjoy the beautiful afternoon. I remember there was a big park at the back of the church that had a beautiful lake and a field with wild flowers year round. My cousins and I use to love to run in that field in our Sunday dresses, I would always find myself twirling while my brothers were flying kites. The air would get under the skirts of our dresses and they would get so big and puffy, we felt like ballerinas gliding across the stage in their tutus, so fun and so simple! Those memories are unforgettable they build my character and now in CarouselWear I have created a nice collection of those dresses just perfect for twirling. For all the parents out there, get your video camera ready! Your little ballerina will have the time of her life wherever she decides to twirl while wearing this beautiful dress and you won’t want to miss capturing that moment, childhood is the time to build beautiful memories. Girls floral spring dresses This girls Twirly floral white and red dress with black accents is absolutely stunning! There is smocking along the waist with a red and white zigzag pattern sewn throughout the smocking and a small ruffle at the top for that added detail. There is a removable bow in the front of the dress that can be made into a hair bow. It has a jeweled butterfly at the top of the dress where the straps come together. This dress is fully lined. It is made of extremely soft polyester. I know what your thinking… polyester Yuk! This is not even close to the same polyester our grandma’s wore. It is a fine high quality material that feels just like cotton (made by Lafayette Fabrics), and is not itchy or scratchy to the skin. Being polyester material makes this dress easy to care for which means, wait for it… No ironing yippee! They run true to size available in red or pink. Thank you very much for reading my blog and happy twirling!    Bibiana  

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