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[caption id="attachment_51" align="aligncenter" width="620"]girls summer dresses Baby girls smocked summer dress[/caption]   Bibiana Fonseca is the Founder, Owner and CEO of CarouselWear.com . Born and raised in Colombia, South America; she  came to the United States in 1998. Being a stay home Mom of two young boys with a hard working attitude and driven personality she wanted to help contribute to her family. In 2004 CarouselWear was born and we are happy to be celebrating our 10 year anniversary in 2014. The idea of a clothing business came to Bibiana when she acquired some smocked dresses that came from Colombia, she decided to try to sell them online, they sold so quickly she thought there could be a real opportunity here for selling smocked clothing. Sewing is a way of life for Bibiana, as a little girl she would sit and watch her mother sew and soon learned to do so herself. Bibiana and her mother would make all the clothes for her and her siblings. Carouselwear is now a thriving company thanks to social networking. We have an online boutiques with Facebook and our website, you can also find us on  Instagram, Pinterest, Etsy, Twitter and Ebay.   Our wholesale business affords us the opportunity to showcase some of our dresses at select children's boutiques across the country. While our basis of reach is here in the United States, we are now a global business having shipped to other countries being Australia, Britain, Brazil, Canada, and Isreal, just to name a few. On a more personal level, Bibiana has always put her family first.  She understands there is nothing more important than family and being there for your children for all of those special moments, their accomplishments, and everything else going on their lives  and therefor, treats her employees and their families with the same respect. Now for our valued customers, Whether you are a returning customer or visiting us for the first time, CarouselWear likes to think of you as our extended family, we would like to express our gratitude because we understand that you have made us who we are today. We appreciate your continued interest in our business, the positive reviews and overall support, and we thoroughly enjoy seeing your posts of you little angels in their CaouselWear. Our business is still growing. We are very proud of each and every product that leaves our store. We believe that once you have one of our dresses or outfits in your hand you will be more pleased than you could possibly imagine.  There is always new inventory to check out and many activities to take part in ( like our dress giveaways or discounts and coupons!). Please take us into consideration the next time you are looking for that one perfect outfit, we guarantee you will be satisfied with what you find! Carouselwear ~Traditional fashion for little angels. On our website: Carouselwear.com With our Facebook: Carousel Wear ~ Children’s Clothing Boutique Our Email Address: Info@carouselwear.com

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