First Holy Communion

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Your little girl is going to receive her First Holy Communion. What a very special day for your daughter and how proud you must feel. This is an important tradition for Catholic families and is also recognized by Lutherans. Receiving one’s First Communion is the third biggest step of seven sacraments. One cannot receive their First Communion without having been baptized and gone to their first confession, which is usually on the same day as their First Communion. Have you ever gone to a Catholic Mass and at some point during the service you see everyone line up, drink from a cup and eat a piece of bread?   Catholics believe that they are drinking the Blood of Christ and the bread or Eucharist is the Body of Christ. They believe this because at the Last Supper, just before his death, the Lord Jesus gave the bread to the Apostles and said: “Take this and eat it this is my Body”. When he gave the wine he said “ Take this and drink from it this is the cup of my Blood”. So one who is receiving their First Holy Communion is receiving Christ into their body for the first time, what a beautiful thing to receive. CarouselWear had to do some research to find out what it means to receive your First Communion. While we found some info on Wikipedia and Ask. Yahoo, we found at the Vatican website, to not only be the most informative but also a great read on what it truly means to receive your First Communion. Today CarouselWear is featuring this gorgeous Classic Communion Dress.  It’s just one of our many dresses to choose from, and much like a bride on her wedding day, how beautiful would your little girl look and feel as she walks down the aisle in this beautiful heirloom Communion Dress. White is the color of purity, which makes this dress the perfect choice for her special day. This beautiful white First Communion Dress is made of 100% cotton with smocking across the bodice, accented with soft yet delicate hand made satin roses across the top of the smocking. The sleeves are finished with a satin border that compliments the satin bow in the center of the dress.  The bow is topped with three roses made of sheer organza ribbon. To see more of our Communion Dresses or a larger variety of apparel to choose from please visit our website at CarouselWear. 17906collage This is a traditional dress that may be handed down for generations, here are a couple of DIY tips we found to help preserve your gowns: Have it dry cleaned as soon as possible, old stains can appear later if they sit too long, even after dry cleaning. Use acid free paper and boxes to store the dress. We also read to wrap the dress in blue sheets or tissue paper because the blue color repels the light the most. We at CarouselWear would hesitate with using blue paper or sheets due to fear of the blue bleeding onto the dress. For more tips on how to preserve all your gowns and dresses we found these websites to do it your self or to purchase preservation kits. eHow, Ask, Yahoo and J.Sheer, CarouselWear would like to congratulate your little girl or boy for their accomplishment in furthering their relationship with our Lord and Savior. We look forward to you sharing your stories and precious photos of all your little ones in all of their CarouselWear attire. We also offer a handsome collection of outfits for your little Gents.

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